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Video Store Stories: Crackheads Do Not Make Idle Threats

I worked at a video store while in undergrad. I have so many stories about it but let me tell you my favorite:

It was a super-busy night at the store and people were all over the floor checking out the movies. I was behind the counter waiting for someone to check-out. I see a man with crazy in his eyes walking towards the counter with two stacks of vhs tapes. There had to be like 20 in his hands! He looked like he hadn’t changed his clothes in days and was angry. As I waited for him to come to the counter I notice him veer towards the exit.

Me: Excuse me sir?!

Him: Shut the fuck up bitch!

Me: Ok. ( I said that in my head but I just turned back to the register and acted cool as a cucumber.)

My assistant manager walked up to the counter right after he left.

Me: A man just walked out with about 20 tapes. He seemed to be on drugs and out of it. 

Assistant Manager: Why  didn’t you run after him?

Me: Crackheads have superhuman strength! No and thank you. He just left and is still probably in the parking lot.

Just as quickly as she ran out to catch him, she came back in bawling her eyes out. She caught up to the dude and he bopped her on the head.

Me: I told you. (I am sure I giggled and rolled my eyes too.)

The lesson here is desperate people do desperate things: (1) This guy was desperate enough to walk into a packed video store and walk out with 20 tapes. (2) My assistant manager was so desperate to keep her job she stepped to a crackhead… and lost. Don’t let this be you.


As a karate expert…

…I would like to say that I didn’t do shit this past weekend and now I have so many errands to run after work all week… I am so not into it. I also have some more things to say:

  • I have been so productive today…
  • DC is sooo about networking and meeting the right people at the right time.
  • I have the fascination with talking about anal sex lately. Like I keep saying things like “he wants to put it in my butt” and other random things like that. I have no idea why…
  • Anytime I think about Haiti I cry.. Like really cry…
  • I can’t wait until I got to NYC this weekend.. I am so going to get Mexican WASTED. (no judgment)

That’s all…