Boooooo @ A Tribe Called Quest

“Messing me up my whole head. Teasing me just like Tisha did Martin.”

That line has always stung for me. Tribe’s “Find a Way” came on the radio while I was driving yesterday and I was pumped. Then that part came on and I was compelled to change it… QUICKLY.  Tisha Campbell filed a sexual harassment suit against Martin Lawrence alleging she was ” subjected to repeated and escalating sexual harassment, sexual battery, verbal abuse and related threats to her physical safety” by Lawrence. That doesn’t sound like teasing to me.

Okay, carry on!


Spanglish Lesson

Dear friends,

I wanted to teach you a handy comeback that is usually used in the Caribbean Latino community, from my experience. Anytime someone says something fucked up to you, you say something back and then add “¿en qué quedamos?” Here is an example:

Her: Tu eres una fucking bitch!

You: …and you are a puta so ¿en qué quedamos?

¿en qué quedamos? means “where does that leave us.” Think of it as the American, “and what?”

That’s all, carry on.

To Live and Die in LA… With Mexicans

I moved to LA in September of last year and it has definitely taken some time to get used to. Talk about culture shock! I have always been around a lot of culture or so I thought. Being Afro-Latina, I was always comfortable in my surroundings as most of my friends were from the African Diaspora and mostly Latino. I never knew many Mexicans. Everyday I am learning more and more about their culture. When I first moved I thought, hey we are all Latino and share a language, there has to be common ground somewhere… right?  WRONG. Today I said something and laughed because I am fucking nut. At dinner, in a Korean tofu restaurant, with Mexican friends I talked about wanting to have a balcony or a porch. When I moved here I just took any old apartment I saw on Craigslist and moved in sight unseen. A great cozy (read: tiny) place in Koreatown. I told my friends that

although there is no balcony, there is a courtyard. When asked if I ever hang out in the courtyard I said “hell no, it is like fucking Mariachi Plaza out there. Music blaring and kinds running around and shit.”  I laugh now because  think, what must Mexicans feel 

when they move to the north east. I bet in the same conversation someone would say, “hell no, it

is like fucking merengue mania out there,” describing the rest the same way I did. There is so much to learn here and so much culture to absorb. I am totally up for the challenge. I will keep you updated on my progress.

Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta

Today I saw the new supertrailer for Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta and I must say,  pure fuckery at it’s finest! There are some people you might recognize while others not so much.

  • Lil Scrappy – He is on the show with his “long time” girlfriend and mother, Mama D. I wonder how long he has been with this girlfriend as he was with Diamond from Crime Mobb not too long ago. Remember when his mom aired Diamond out last year?
  • Stevie J – On the website they associate him with making hits for a slew of artists but they neglect to mention where we really know him from: the infamous Eve sex tape.
  • Rashida – The girl that got nominated for the Source Awards and no one knew who the fuck she was. I do, however, recall her making several guest appearances on Atlanta reality shows.
  • Everyone else.. who? huh?

It looks like there is going to be a lot of bullshit. I wonder how much of it will be staged ala Emily B’s alone time on the floor of her new apartment drinking the hood’s favorite: Moscato or Jim Jones’ proposal. Either way, you know I am going to watch that shit! Well the first couple of episodes at least. I can’t help it. You know I love shitty reality tv.

Throwback Thursdays!

5 things that stand out to me about this video today:

  1. Rappers were not afraid to dance back then. LL really got down in the group dance scene! I SEE YOU! I am so not mad. I miss a time where men can be hard and still like to dance.
  2. I hope leather kangols will neer come back in style. I remember being a kid and hating them. I would be very upset if they came back again now.
  3. Ladies back then were really all about the catsuit! O_o
  4. The Zack Morris cellphone.
  5. LL was so fine. Like fine, fine. Now he needs to grow back his mustache and stop looking like Mr. “NoneThreatening” Blackman. I mean, I get it, he is trying to get his Hollywood on, but SHIT. I am so not amused

What comes to mind when I hear this song:

My friends and I were walking to a house party in the projects. We lied to our moms and said we were going over each other’s houses. We could not find the party but we walked into a few big ladies that decided to start junk with us. Of course the smallest one of my friends decided to open her mouth: “fuck you, you fat bitch.” We took off running. The ladies ran after us and my friend kept screaming “your jiggling BABY.” They did not catch us. We somehow ended up at some loft party in downtown Providence. We even found someone to give us rides home. To be young and dumb.



Game of Thrones

So… I just watched this week’s Game of Thrones… Meh… No Daenerys, booooo! She is my favorite story line on the show. I can admit that I am waiting for Joffrey to get fucked up and I hope Sansa does it. Oh, and what’s up with “Dog.” He loves himself some Sansa, can you tell? I think they may end up together one day on some real beauty and the beast shit. THAT, my friends, would definitely be something to watch.  Other than that, the show is mehhhh.