Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta

Today I saw the new supertrailer for Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta and I must say,  pure fuckery at it’s finest! There are some people you might recognize while others not so much.

  • Lil Scrappy – He is on the show with his “long time” girlfriend and mother, Mama D. I wonder how long he has been with this girlfriend as he was with Diamond from Crime Mobb not too long ago. Remember when his mom aired Diamond out last year?
  • Stevie J – On the website they associate him with making hits for a slew of artists but they neglect to mention where we really know him from: the infamous Eve sex tape.
  • Rashida – The girl that got nominated for the Source Awards and no one knew who the fuck she was. I do, however, recall her making several guest appearances on Atlanta reality shows.
  • Everyone else.. who? huh?

It looks like there is going to be a lot of bullshit. I wonder how much of it will be staged ala Emily B’s alone time on the floor of her new apartment drinking the hood’s favorite: Moscato or Jim Jones’ proposal. Either way, you know I am going to watch that shit! Well the first couple of episodes at least. I can’t help it. You know I love shitty reality tv.


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