Throwback Thursdays!

5 things that stand out to me about this video today:

  1. Rappers were not afraid to dance back then. LL really got down in the group dance scene! I SEE YOU! I am so not mad. I miss a time where men can be hard and still like to dance.
  2. I hope leather kangols will neer come back in style. I remember being a kid and hating them. I would be very upset if they came back again now.
  3. Ladies back then were really all about the catsuit! O_o
  4. The Zack Morris cellphone.
  5. LL was so fine. Like fine, fine. Now he needs to grow back his mustache and stop looking like Mr. “NoneThreatening” Blackman. I mean, I get it, he is trying to get his Hollywood on, but SHIT. I am so not amused

What comes to mind when I hear this song:

My friends and I were walking to a house party in the projects. We lied to our moms and said we were going over each other’s houses. We could not find the party but we walked into a few big ladies that decided to start junk with us. Of course the smallest one of my friends decided to open her mouth: “fuck you, you fat bitch.” We took off running. The ladies ran after us and my friend kept screaming “your jiggling BABY.” They did not catch us. We somehow ended up at some loft party in downtown Providence. We even found someone to give us rides home. To be young and dumb.




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