Wine and Corks

I hosted a wine tasting event in San Diego one year. My team pulled it off in a few weeks. Somehow I ended up pouring at the first station, a beautiful Bearboat Riesling.  I had never poured at an event nevermind a tasting, so I was pouring half glasses O_o Anyway here he is the funny story:

The only bottle openers we used were these:


I had never used one of these so one of the attendees decided to help me while telling me that she was a bartender for may years as a young woman. After she opens the bottle, she smells the cork and says, “now that is some great wine”.  I thanked her and became a pro. Another person in my team that I will call JACK was by my side and learned how to use the opener as well.

A little later after most of the attendees had a glass, I introduced our guest sommelier. He gave a brief spiel about the selection of wines and then he gives tips about wine tasting. Then he said a sentence I will never forget. Jack and I spit out or wines (discretely) when he said these words. Here it goes:

“Learning about wine and tasting is easy. Beware of those that pretend to know. If someone smells a cork and thinks they can tell anything about the wine from it, that person doesn’t know shit.”


That’s all. I thought I would share those words of wisdom with you all. If someone smells a cork, they are an asshole. That is it. Caso cerrado. Carry on.



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