Confession Friday

I like to do hood rat things stuff with my friends!

Shout out to Latarian Milton!

I love doing hood rat things with my friends. It makes me happy. Living in DC for so long I almost forgot my “roots”. Spending some time in RI has really reminded me of my favorite past times and why I loved them so much. For instance, last week I went to my favorite dive bar, saw everyone I haven’t seen since middle school then we went to Broad Street to get street food. Broad Street is a  strip in Providence where you can get every Dominican delicacy imaginable and in a food truck no less. So we hang out on broad Street, eating food seeing the clubs get out, witnessing fights, babymomma drama, SWAT teams… and I felt at home. I will miss this and I have missed this.


One thought on “Confession Friday

  1. So you live in DC and we didn’t meet. That sucketh majolryleth. Because guess what my favorite pasttime is??? Hoodrat stuff, with or without friends. Boom! I’ll be back in DC the end of September by the way, hint hint.

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