Confession Friday

I used to be terribly shy…

No one believes me when I tell them that. I think I had social anxiety disorder, like seriously. I could not be in a room full of people. I would just become a wallflower and want to leave. I never would approach people.  I’ve always had a boyfriend and he was always my best friend. I remember in middle school,  a girl named Divina L. said “If you ever opened your mouth around people, you would be really popular”. I just laughed it off but I planned for high school.

In high school I became way more outgoing and talky. I gained a lot of friends and for senior superlatives, I was voted “Class Clown”. In college I started being super shy then as the years progressed I broke out of it.

As an adult I talk to everyone and am usually quick to introduce myself to people. Recently I was in a wedding and the brides brother was having a bout of a social anxiety episode and isolated himself from the wedding guests. I explained to the wedding party that I used to be the same way and I was all but laughed at because no one believed me. I guess I have done a 180. What I can say is that social anxiety is real and so is extreme shyness. I am so glad I got over that shit.

I agree with the picture above. Although I am no longer shy I still notice EVERYTHING!


2 thoughts on “Confession Friday

  1. I am STILL terribly shy and no one believes me when I tell them that either. “Shy people notice everything but they don’t get noticed” – story of my life.

  2. I’m very shy and I definitely feel you on the whole social anxiety thing…it IS real. I still battle with it…I’ve never been the life ofthe party unless it’s my party but some days are better than others. Sometimes it’s almost crippling, other times I can shake it off and enjoy myself. Each year it gets a little better though…

    Thanks for posting this! 🙂

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