Throwback Tuesdays!

5 things that stand out to me about this video today:

  1. The video models are way less curvaceous than they are now.
  2. GURU looked FINE! I used to think he was sooo fine when I was younger. It really makes me sad about how he died and the whole debacle surrounding his care and abuse.
  3. Everything looks REAL. Like they are on the boardwalk, real people are walking by. The video models look like around-the-way girls. Some of the rappers look like they need a fade. Real people shit. Now when you see videos they are usually set in a club, or by a car, bottles popping, jewels shining and have women that look like they just walked off a King Magazine shoot.
  4. Smooth B looks like THAT dude. Even while watching the video today he still looks like a smooth-ass guy. Like one of those guys that you don’t want to talk to for too long because he will talk you into some crazy shit. He definitely lived up to his name.
  5. The girls on the beach have that permed wet look ala Royce from Basketball Wives. I used to wear my hair like that in 8th grade and I remember one day this guy said “your hair looks ugly like that”. That little mother fucker! I wonder what he is doing now, probably not a COTDANG thing **flips hair**

What comes to mind when I hear this song:

When I hear this song I think of my sophomore year in college. Although at that time, the song would still be considered old, I still loved it. I met my new roommate (now one of my dear friends and comadre) Yaj and we started talking about music. I asked her what her favorite hip hop song was and she said DWYCK. The rest is history.


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