Confession Friday

I have always hated The Smurfs. They never appealed to me, EVER! I remember waking up to watch Saturday morning cartoons and I would be SO PISSED when the smurfs came on. It was so boring to me. I have always been inquisitive, even as a child and there were some things I did not understand but there were no answers. These were my 3 main gripes:

  1. Why is there only one girl?
  2. Where is Mama Smurf? (Papa Smurf‘s wife)
  3. Why don’t they have shirts on?

Kids need to know these answers! **shakes fist**

I must have driven my mom crazy with all the “why” questions. (Sorry mamita!)


3 thoughts on “Confession Friday

  1. 1. Gargamel made Smurfette.
    2. Mama Smurf died off with the other women because of some plague that attacks only certain chromosomes. Another reason they are all blue.
    3. Real men don’t wear shirts! They walk around all sweat and brawn! lol

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