Throwback Tuesdays!

5 things that stand out to me about this video today:

  1. Men were not afraid to dance. I appreciate that. Even in videos that have a great dance beat all you see are guys looking serious or “pimped” out and women shaking it. What happened to men dancing? Meh…
  2. It just looks super fun. I want to be there.
  3. Kwame is holding a keyboard/guitar thingy and I don’t hear keyboard in the song. I guess it was for decoration. lol!
  4. These ladies were killing those highwater-widelegs! I SEE YOU. My mom used to rock’em.
  5. Men are putting their hands all over Kwame’s girl. It makes me a little uncomfortable. First it was the guy at the front door pushing her back by putting his hand on her chest and telling her to get back. Then she goes in the wrong dressing room and the Biz Markie lookalike manhandles her and she laughs it off. Not funny dear.

What comes to mind when I hear this song:

I think about my cousin Jess and I having matching jumpers. We called them jumpers where we are from. You may call them overalls. Kwame made polka dots popular. Jess and I had white jean jumper shorts sets. Mine had blue and green big polka dots and hers had red and black. I remember we wore them on the same day to middle school. You could not tell us SHIT! We thought we were getting it! Apparently we were because everyone loved it.

Awwww… to be young and have parents that knew the “styles”.


One thought on “Throwback Tuesdays!

  1. i am down with the poka dot king for real. I loved his music back in the day, I used to be a dancing fool . Hell I still am.

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