Confession Friday

I was the only person of color in my elementary school in Cranston, RI. I wanted to fit in badly. All of the other children would bring in bologna and cheese and mustard for lunch every single day. I remember going home and begging my mom to buy me bologna so I can take it for lunch one day. She told me that it is nasty and that I would not like it. I lied and said that I tried it in school.

The next day I came in with a bologna and cheese sandwich. I was soooo happy because I was eating like everyone else. I finally took a bite at lunch and that was the nastiest shit I had ever tasted. So much for fitting in…


4 thoughts on “Confession Friday

  1. OMG this is the funniest short anecdote I have read in a while. OMG. bologna is not nasty…but you got to heat it up. Cold bologna is not the business!

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