I have no clue where your tape is…

As a freshman in college I thought it would be a great idea to be roommates with a childhood best friend. We grew up together but I moved away when i was in middle school. Although I moved to an urban place and she stayed suburban we still spoke every night on the phone and things were as if I still lived there… Until we moved in together…

In order to preserve space we decided to make our beds into bunk beds… I chose the bottom. This is when I noticed things would not work. She would step on my bed with her shoes on…. I am not sure where you are from but in my culture that is a no-no… Who touches a bed with their shoes?… Gah!…. then the pièce de résistance… the PETER CETERA TAPE…

She had a fucking Walkman (yes a walkman) with a Peter Cetera tape. Mind you, Peter Cetera was HOT with the Karate Kid song like 10+ yrs before this. She was still in love with this tape. At night she needed to hear it in her Walkman before bed. In a small dorm room.. If you can hear it, so can I… It was a mess. After a while I could not take it anymore. I needed silence. So one day while she was at rugby practice, i saw the tape on on her desk and I smashed it. I think i must have jumped on it about 20 times. Then I put it in the trash.

That night she asked me if I had seen her tape as it had gone missing. I said no and went about my business. She tore the whole room up looking for it. That was the first good night sleep I had gotten in that room. I will never forget it…

Sorry Kell… It was me.. If you read this, Happy Birthday, me love you long time…!!


3 thoughts on “I have no clue where your tape is…

  1. My freshman roommate made me officially hate Jewel, this ghetto princess latched on to one white artist she liked and wore the crap out of it. She played it every. single. night. I feel your pain….

    Strangely, however, she cultivated my appreciation for Donny Hathaway bc somehow this uncultured creature had quite an affinity for him… *shruglife*

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