Operation: Leave DC

Lately I have been tweeting about “Operation Leave DC”. I have been here for almost 10 years and think it is time that I seek new adventure.  For a long time I have been doing jobs and following a career path that I knew how to do. Securing a career was very important in my head! You will be a __________. GAH!!!!!!!!

My new adventure is: doing something I like to do. For “some” reason, people have been inquiring about me/contacting me and telling me about opportunities that are right up my alley. There are no coincidences. I believe that. WISH ME LUCK!

In my head a couple of months ago I thought it would be a great idea to work at a yoga-wellness-ontology retreat somewhere beautiful. They contact me this morning and tell me they would like for me to join them. I contact my friend, a naturapath/ayurvedic guru, and ask her about the place and what she thought.  She has done internships at these places and would know everything. She giggled and just said, “you, amongst hippies and vagabonds… I CAN’T see it. You have a strong voice, that needs to be heard. Why don’t you just pay for a retreat stay instead”. I laughed. She is right. Good friends will hold a mirror to your face and show you who you are.I am so thankful.

That was the best thing I heard all morning. The universe/God/people in your life have a strange way of showing you who you are. I am welcoming it.


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