I love you MAHOGANY!

One of my friends yelled that with his body halfway out of the SUV passenger seat window at Dupont Circle as I was dropped off at my next destination. ( I wish he had twitter!)

My hair kind of looked like that on Friday night. At one of the places I went to, my group of friends kept calling me Mahogany and kept touching my hair and wanting me to dance for them! That is what I get for being fabulous at the Fireplace.

I had the best best best weekend… I had the flu last week so I was a house mouse and Friday broke that… I went to 3 different places Friday night… I am not 21 so I wasn’t used to it. For that I want to give special shout-outs to:

@dcguavaberry my sister and confidant! She forced me out 2 nights in a row and it was well worth it!  ♥ her!

@BLACKPEARLS04 my evil twin! Everyone loves him. So when I am by his side, they love me too!

@omac80 my wonderful friend… I got to see you 2 days in a row. I am so happy you are in my life!

and another special boy that has a twitter account (wouldn’t you like to know!?)

I had such an amazing time…

The rest of the weekend was set off by these people… I had to write this post to acknowledge them! I am so grateful!


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