Get you some support!

Twice in two days I  have been told that my breasts sit up so nice and high. I sat back and thought about it and came to a conclusion: A) people aren’t used to seeing big ass tits sit up high and/or B) some of you big titty bitches need a better support bra! hrmmmmmm…

I would like to make a suggestion: go to a boutique (or even Victoria’s Secret/  Lane Bryant) and get your true bra size. So many women have just been wearing the size they think they are or the one that is “the most comfortable”. Know your size and buy it. Your tits will thank you in the end. You may even notice your outfits looking more beautiful. Try it!

For the bigguns, here are my two favorite places for bras:

…and gentlemen, if you notice your lady is sagging, hook her up. Take her for a fitting. Be kind to boobs.




5 thoughts on “Get you some support!

  1. I wish I could anonymously email this to some chicks I work with.

    As a mosquito bite chester, I can only assume that better fitting bras are more expensive, but aren’t they worth it?

    But maybe some people like their boobies to sit at their waists. Cuz I’d hook up some duct tape and plywood on my chest before I let it get that bad.

    1. U wld be surprised! I am thinking some pp just don’t know anybetter. I want to believe that! I don’t want to believe ppl want to sag!

  2. Since I am expecting, my boobs have grown almost a whole cup size over the past month. Support is number one with me! They are sticking out more than ever right now, but that’s okay, right!

    1. Yay for expecting boobs! Congrats on your bun in the oven first and foremost!

      When they stick out….that’s amazing! When they stick down = nobueno 🙂

  3. For some reason lots of women seem to go without bras or maybe they never bothered to get a proper fitting.

    I see a lot of 20 & 30 somethings with 50 year old titties.


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