Watching the Karate Kid as an adult…

Last night I watched the Karate Kid. The original with Ralph Macchio. There is an “h” in that last name so wouldn’t it be pronounced mah-key-oh? Anyway, we are getting off topic. So I watch the movie with a friend and he knows all the lines. Where was I in the 80’s? The only thing I remember was “wax on , wax off”.

Here are some things I noticed this go round:

Why do the black guys in the movie get punked?

  • You get black superman in the bathroom after Johnny got wet and he says “Hey Johnny, what’s up?”.. John pushed his ass out of the way and keeps it moving. Leaving him hanging and looking stupid like shit. Like really?
  • Then you have Jerry, played by Lamar from Revenge of the Nerds having to spar with a black belt in the dojo. Lamar had a green belt. Why they do him like that? He gets socked in the stomach and falls to the floor. Then the sensei says “finish him” and the black belt elbows him in the back while he is down. WHAT the fuck? Can he live?

All the high school students look old as shit except for Daniel-san. I was looking at the photo booth pictures with Daniel and  Ali and thought, “why does this look like the Mary Kay Letourneau story?”


There is so much more… Maybe I will update this post later. What are your thoughts?


4 thoughts on “Watching the Karate Kid as an adult…

  1. top gun. sundown. the black dude. kept singing “you lost that loving feeling” AFTER maverick already picked up the girl…and then got punked out by maverick “i will fire when i am good n gotdamned ready!!! you got that!!!!?!?”

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