Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Rant

I will say that by far these women were going through some real shit more than any other season. On all the other seasons, it was apparent that they were doing it up for the cameras. In Beverly Hills I just think they were just crazy. Kyle is the craziest of them all. Kyle for some reason reminded me of Nicole Brown Simpson’s sister. I have no Idea why, anywho… This bitch… She was sooo fucked up to her sister and last night sealed it. How in the entire fuck are you going to call your sister out on national television and say she is an alcoholic? Even if she is, WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU, YOU BIRD FACED BITCH?

Throughout the whole season Kyle stayed carrying her sister. No matter what her sister did, she bullied her in front of the other cast members, called her names and was so argumentative. Who does that?

When Taylor came for her (Kim), Kyle should have been the first one to stand up for her sister. I know for a fact if someone came for any of my family members or for me, it would be a WRAP. Maybe because I am “ethnic”??! Does that make a difference? Anyguey….  That bitch would have to die…

That’s all…


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