Shut the entire eff up and do something…

As of late I have had no patience for anyone complaining. I am not sure if it is on some “new year” shit but I can’t… I don’t want to hear about bad break-ups and shit especially if the person is bitter as shit. WE OFF THAT, MY DUDE! The other day I was talking to a friend and he started talking about his ex and it basically went like this”

He: I just let people get away with a lot of shit, like me ex. Wah wah wee wah bing bang boom. Blah blah blah … (well that is what I heard)

Me: So you bitter? Get off it.

He: Not bitter I just can’t ride with how she did me and blah blah blah mee maw pee paw bling blang boo boo… (this is what I heard again)

Me: YO! I really think you need to just get off this, and to be authentic with you, I don’t want to hear this shit. Get OFF IT. She fucked you over, bro. It happens.

So the conversation went downhill after that, of course. O_o Maybe I should look into Buddhism? Meditation, some shit. My patience is just wearing thin.

Parting words…

If something happened, it happened. IT HAPPENED! Today is new. Stop bringing your past into your present. It no longer exists. Deal in the NOW! While you are trying to resolve your issues from the past, your life is passing you by. In the end you will be dead, people will throw dirt on your face and it’s over. DO SOMETHING NOW!

Carry on…


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