All Glenn Danzig EVERYTHING…

An Ode to 80’s/Early 90’s Glenn Danzig

When I tweeted my undying love for Glenn Danzig, I was met by this response…

It was sung to the tune of his hit Mother:

He is soooo fucking hot in this video, jeesh… I have never really dated interracially but I would have dated him in the 80s and early nineties. I was not of legal age then but I would have just admired his chest hair. He is super short though but in my mind I am creating a Glenn Danzig that is like 6’4″ and wolverine-ish… *I think my uterus jumped*.

I went Sticky Rice on H Street and they played “Mother” in one of their mashups. I screamed sooo loud. I am so sure the 3.5 cosmos had something to do with it but how can you not love that song. FUCK! I think I will listen to it all day.

That’s all..


One thought on “All Glenn Danzig EVERYTHING…

  1. the funny thing is, Wolverine is mad short (5’3″) in the comics… Danzig was actually a popular choice among comics nerds to play Wolverine when rumors of an X-men or Wolverine movie would come up.

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