Dating and Disease

So as my adventures in dating continue, I was faced with a whammy: disease. Where I stand, I do not discriminate if someone has a disease as long as they are honest about it. Here is what happened…

So, guy A, I will call him Lars… Lars was a funny-ass dude, really cool. We went out a few times and just laughed and smiled and talked. Every time we were together time flew because we had so much to talk about. So…**drumroll** I get into his truck and spy a pill bottle. I am nosey so I pick it up to see what it was.

Sidebar: That was NOSEY as shit of me!!! It was almost like a kneejerk reaction. I just picked it up on some, oh, what the fuck is this. After I did it, I felt bad as shit, like, why the fuck would I invade dude’s privacy like this? But what was done was done. Sorry Holmes!

The bottle read: Acyclovir. See, I am no expert in medicine but I did work in a clinic that specialized in AIDS/HIV treatment. It sounded like an antiviral. I look it up and it is a medicine to treat genital herpes. (“Boom Pow Bam” -said in a NeNe Leakes voice)

I call him, he denies… Next morning he recants his denial and apologizes. Tells me that he didn’t know how to approach the subject as I had found out before he was ready to tell me.

Things like this make me so happy to know that I have a morality barometer on my vagina. Imagine if we engaged in sexual activity and THEN I found out?

Here is my take on it… I don’t think anyone sets out for disease. I get that but just be honest about it. Since the incident we have been calling him the Herpeles (in an Eddie Murphy Voice and clapping “HERPELES HERPELES”). It is lightweight hilarious… People are so funny *SMH*. Needless to say, he and I will never be an “us”.

Would you date someone knowing they had an incurable STI? What would you have done in my situation?


3 thoughts on “Dating and Disease

  1. I don’t think I could date someone with an incurable STI. Maybe that’s bad of me, but I’d be too worried about getting it. On a separate note, *maybe* you shouldn’t have picked up the pill bottle, but really…why was it in his truck??? If he wasn’t ready for it to be public knowledge, why was it sitting out like that? It’s not like you went through his medicine cabinet…

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