Breaking Bourgie: You Fancy, HUH?

So… in my quest to Break Bourgie, I have been presented with another obstacle: Reservations About the Reservation-less. As I navigate my way through being a newly single woman something has come up. I felt “some kind of way” about going on a date to a chain restaurant! Like, someone actually wanted to take me to a chain restaurant. Not a chain that takes reservations… It was like Chili’s or something (no shade). I went along with it because it was different.

He is a great guy but I looked at him differently at first. Slowly, I realized that he is a regular-down-to-Earth guy. I appreciate that, especially in a superficial city.

I have to admit, when watching Real Housewives of Atlanta last week, it hit home. Sheree was asked if she opens the ketchup bottle at a restaurant or if she gives it to her date to open. She says in her testimonial, “I don’t go to restaurants with ketchup bottles on the table.” I laughed soooo loud because I knew exactly what she meant. Have I changed so much? I am originally from a town where everyone knows everyone and if someone was really digging you, they took you to the Olive Garden. O_o

(Olive Garden: A place I would not set foot in today! Why? I don’t know. I think it is the plastic bread baskets that are supposed to look like wicker but look like a plastic walnut half. I was only 15 and I knew that shit was NOT the business.)

I have spent most if not all of my adult life here (DC)  so I guess… I have been spoiled?? (maybe?)

Sidebar: I love me a dive bar, though… Like real deal dive bar! Shout out to Lee’s in Hyattsville!

So… although I felt weird going to a restaurant that does not take reservations… I rolled with it and had a great time… Who in the entire fuck is this person I have become? I told a friend about this story and she recommended Carabba’s Italian Grill! LOL.. Gotta love it.


3 thoughts on “Breaking Bourgie: You Fancy, HUH?

  1. SMH. Bougie… *whispers* I don’t eat at chains either if I can help it. But I’m from NYC & I’ve worked as a cook/chef at nice restaurants. I know what that food is supposed to taste like.

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