As a karate expert…

…I would like to say that a grande Red Eye is the shit from Starbucks… I am bouncing off the fucking walls. Seriously. I was also super-productive today at work. I am so into it. I also have some things to say:

  • If you cut and paste the url I sent you into the Google search window, it will not take you directly to the site… WTF, DUH?
  • No you don’t have to use the mouse and press search, just click enter after you type the shit…
  • Ctrl F will pull up the find window… YES… It really works… I told you so.
  • I didn’t know they made mom jeans in khaki.. FUCK YEAH
  • I am tired. *sigh*
  • I listened to The Foreign Exchange station on Pandora all day!
  • I am sooo fucking happy I drove to work today. Taking the Metro would have seriously been dog shit! It is cold outside.
  • ummmm

That’s all…


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