Breaking Bourgie!

I am going to create a series of posts that highlight me, Breaking Bourgie. Living in a city like DC becoming a buppie or being bourgie seems  inevitable. Lately I have found myself turning my nose up at certain things that would not have bothered me before I moved here. I am coming to terms with the fact that I am becoming a snob. I went home to visit during the Labor Day holiday and was faced with this fact twice. A guy from home that is interested in me and is a distinguished educator, freedom fighter, granola-ass dreadhead dude asked me not to “DC” him. I was taken aback by this statement.


According to him: To “DC” someone is to engage them in superficial conversation where you really do not give a fuck about what they answer. You just want to acquire information (what they do for living, where they live, what school did they go to and for what, sneakily find out their socioeconomic status) to see if this person is worth talking to.


I didn’t believe I was doing it and told him. He the recounted everything I had asked and said to him. I gasped and made this O_o face. He was right. So that night we went out for drinks and I had the same convos with people at the lounge and caught myself. Grrr… I am becoming a bourgie-ass BATCH! I kinda likey but I know that isn’t me. FUCK FUCK FUCK. So this series will be about me Break Bourgie, deflating my head, keeping it “real”… whatever that means!


I am also thinking about just saying I am snobbish but not bourgie. That makes me feel a little better.


Wish me luck!


3 thoughts on “Breaking Bourgie!

  1. I wouldn’t consider that being bourgie at all. Bourgie is a state of mind and usually a result of upbringing. Just asking someone what they do and what school they went to, doesn’t constitute as being bourgie.

    I grew up in MD and have been back in the area for 3 years. I never knew the “real” DC until I moved back as an adult. I’ve learned DC is just a very political town and most people here are all about self. They ask those questions right off the bat because they want to know what you can do for them, if nothing, they’ll go right about their business.

    As far as being a snob is concerned, I’ve always thought of a snob as someone who thinks they are better than everyone else. That’s never been me or my personality. As someone who’s always been classified as bourgie from the way I speak to the activities I participate to the way I carry myself, I’ll take being bourgie over being a snob any day. Just my two cents.

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