Lie Lie Lies, I tell ya!

People always believe me!!! Maybe I shouldn’t say that, but… Face it, it is hilarious. I wonder what some of the recipients of my stories think now? Do they even know they were stories?? Remember that song, “Everybody Plays the Fool”? I remember when I was a child, a neighbor of mine used to sing that song all the time. One day I decided to tell her that the real name of the song was “Everybody Plays the Flute”. She kept saying I was lying and I told her, “next time you hear the song, listen well. You will hear the flute. He is talking about a flute”. Of course I had my little minions agree with me and laugh at her. *SMH* She then believed me.

One more…

There was this girl I knew after college that was a total airhead! We were on a road trip and passed Quantico. As we passed the sign, she read the name aloud. This is the conversation that followed:

Me: Do you know it is really pronounced KWAN TEE CO. Emphasis on the TEE.

She: My father works for the Pentagon, its Quantico.

Me: Well KWAN TEE CO is the real Indian name that the base is named after, so….

She: I didn’t know that.

Me: Well now you do.

*This will be the first of stories that I will tell you all about the lies of have told :p


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