Stank Fish Girl…

Last night I thought it would be great to bring leftovers for lunch today. Grilled asparagus and baked fish, nomnomnom, it was delicious! Then I thought about it, again. Fish in the microwave is like social suicide in the office. No one wants to be the person that heats up fish or any other kinds of aroma rich foods in the office. I was reading this blog and this one office had an anti-fish rule. Check what it said on the paper in the kitchen:

“This is simple
No Fish in the microwave
Nothing with Fish sauce. Nothing that sat next to a Fish in the store.
If you’re unsure, ask yourself, “Does this smell like Fish?”
If you’re still unsure, ask another person, “Does this smell like fish to you?”
If there’s any doubt, don’t microwave it.”

In my mind, fish in the microwave has always been reserved for “ethnic” coworkers that really don’t give a fuck and heat up anything.  (<– I love these coworkers. Wear whatever the fuck they want too! Red Hammer pants with a white button down and loafers!) Since I am semi-new here I decided against it.

In my other office I always brought lunch to work and was ALWAYS Ugly Bettied (you like that? I made that up). I thought it was hilarious though. On the first or second episode, Betty brought empanadas and heated them up in the cafeteria. All of her coworkers either held their noses or looked at the food in disgust as they asked what it was. I would bring rice and stewed meats/ veggies and got the same thing. At the former “progressive” and post racial place of employment, people would look at my microwavable Tupperware and ask, “did you make that?” while semi frowning/smirking/being fuckwads. I would just say “yes and it is delicious”.

After writing this I am thinking, “fuck everyone, I could have gone for that fish”! Instead I will have a dull-ass salad. Tomorrow, bacalaitos! Who’s with me? YEAHHHHH OLEHDOIT!!!!!!!!!


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