Big Up Caribbean Massive!

I have a confession: I silently judge West Indian/Caribbean/AfroLatinos that do not hang out with/acknowledge/dap-up other West Indian/Caribbean/AfroLatinos. I completely understand that I have created this in my mind but that is okay, it’s my blog. All of my life I have been around people that will yell it from the roof tops… You know: the flag hanging from the rear view mirror or the random flag in the person’s living room. Not that I am expecting people to have a flag party when we meet ( wel… that was an excuse to put up the video!!! **waves flags**) but when it comes up in passing and they don’t say any more about it, I don’t know if I can trust YOU SON!

It sounds crazy, I know, but from my experience these kinds of people cannot be trusted!!! Almost like men of color sans mustache! (I SEE YOU WESLEY SNIPES!) Y’all cannot be trusted. ( I will go more in detail about the mustache on another post). I met this girl from the same country as my dad. When we found out that we had this in common she was like ok cool, next subject… She didn’t say that, but she may as well have! We still were cool with each other but that marked, for me, that something was just a little off. After a while her batshitcrazyness came to the forefront.**purses lips**

Usually for me, when I meet other West Indian/Caribbean/AfroLatinos, there is some kind of unspoken bond. I am not saying we are a secret society though. (**or are we…??**) When I first moved to DC I found out some people from home lived here so we reconnected and chilled HARD. We all had already made friends but those were my PEOPLE! An unspoken bond that linked us together. I wonder what other people think.

Here is a fun poll. What say you?


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