“Booty was more important than drinking water.” – Fleece Johnson

I had the most interesting conversation this morning on the way to work. It all stemmed from this video:

So this is a new guy doing this that must do this? I am like, okay.. so if someone bends over and tries to make me do this, he is fucked! I would stick my foot in his ass LITERALLY. I guess it wouldn’t happen to me being that I am a woman, but still. How could you be so tough and bend over? Your back mustn’t be turned, at all! Why? Because I will kill you. It would have to be me or you and your ass is already face-down. Or… I would have to punch him in his ass and lift him up like Spartacus for the prison to see. O_o I will NOT be Tobias Beecher! All this shit right chea, would NOT happen. ———->

The pic on the right is from a hilarious movie, “Let’s Go to Prison”. Definitely a must see! Now back to the post…

**Update: my cousin just read the blog and she said, “if that were to happen to me, I would have ripped his ass open like a Christmas gift… I CAN’T! This girl needs a blog and fast.

I know that was completely random, but “I am a warrior too, let THAT be known” (-Fleece Johnson)! They really needed this guy on the show, Oz. Instead of jumping the shark by having Saeed fall in love with the sister of the victim of his crime that happened to be white, they should have brought in the Booty Warrior. Ratings problem solved!

Here you go… Enjoy!


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