Oh, so you embarrassed now?

Nothing ever really get’s me embarrassed, TRUST, but I must say that as of late I have to avoid that little Vulcan Nerve Pinch. You know, when something “embarrassing” happens and your shoulder rise up like Mr. Spock was behind you going in. Maybe I am just being bourgie. (Pinkies up!) I really don’t think so… Well maybe.   Lately my tolerance has been so low 😦 Maybe I just have to work on it. Here are some funny examples:

Bartender: Can I help you?

XXXXX: Do you have Sutter Home White ZinfinDALE?

Me: O_o

I promise you, I could have fell out on the ground and had a heart attack. A minor one though, but still. ZinfinDALE? Sutter Home? I felt like running away somewhere and hiding. The funny part is…. they had the shit… So I don’t know what to be more embarrassed about: the fact that she asked for it or that I went to a place that carried such a thing at the bar.

Here is another one…

I go to a little restaurant in Chinatown for lunch with a coworker. We order lunchtime specials. You know when you get those specials, they put a couple of broccoli florets on the side, an edible garnish? Here is the exchange upon receiving our meals:

Waiter: Enjoy

XXXX: Can I have some more broccoli?

Waiter: Like a side of broccoli?

XXXX: No, like a couple more pieces. You know, like 1 or 2.

Waiter: O_o Two dollars!

XXXX: Well forget it!

Me: (throat all dry and neck tingling from the Vulcan pinch) Don’t worry, you can have mine. 🙂

Now I wanted to go under the table and hide. What was I supposed to do? Speaking and blogging about it just makes me laugh… It reminded me of Chris Rock in “I’m Gonna Git You Sucka“… One rib…

I must do better!


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